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No two electrical problems and projects are the same. At Little Rock Electric, we have 15+ years of professional experience in helping you solve your most difficult and challenging electrical problems. We offer a wide variety of services to take care of any electrical needs, including:

Commercial - We have worked with a number of customers such as architects, contractors, and engineers to meet your electrical needs for all types of electrical projects and processes. We use the latest and greatest installation methods for quality, and to make sure everything is up to date on the most recent codes.

Agricultural - Farming is an important and demanding profession with no room for electrical troubles. We rely on electrical systems to pump and deliver water to the crops, and to light and warm the barns. At Little Rock Electric, we can help you with electrical maintenance and repair, and electric panel replacements and installation.

Residential - Most of the time, we don't realize how much we depend on electricity to run our homes. Electricity helps keep us cool in the summer, and warm in the winter. We use electricity to clean, cook, light our homes, preserve our food, and even to keep us entertained. At Little Rock Electric, we are here to take care of your electrical needs, so you can keep your household running.

Industrial - We are here to help with your electrical industrial needs, such as: security systems, parking lot lighting, design/building services, voltage installations, difficult lighting problems, maintenance or repair, and more!


Specialty Services - 24/7 emergency service.

Whether you have a minor electrical repair or an extensive project, at Little Rock Electric, we are here to handle all your needs. Contact us today, and let us get started on your electrical projects!